Here you can follow the evolution of this project.

August 17, 2017: Added in the point 27 of the privacy policy:
Privacidad de datos: Este sitio web nunca proporciona a terceras partes las direcciones de correo electrónico verificadas por los usuarios acompañadas de otra información o datos que puedan hacer posible la identificación del usuario.

August 18, 2017: By legal motives finally not will be possible the option of create the user accounts of friends/contacts in and will be available the purchase of data packages for create the data bases of, and according with points 1 and 27 of the privacy policy.
The Join/Register section of the websites already is improved according with the laws of data privacy.

Current situation:
The final assembly of the project in the websites of the group is being somewhat complicated but the result is good again: the facet of promoter is good because after of some trainings (although with very few means, maybe it's time for a new helper) the form of the admin is good (against the clock & cyclocross), the functioning of the sections and the documents of the group of websites are effectives and legal and regarding the opinions:
Currently, exist opinions that defines to the websites of the group as: webs that will allow to their users make front to the new needs that arise online, because their software provide them:
* detailed explanations of the functioning in all sections of the website,
* capacity of manage his own ads and campaigns,
* capacity of reaction in search engines (visibility & positioning),
* communications instant and privates,
* capacity of generates balances,
* capacity of make different types of purchases,
* participation in internal games and contests,
* easy withdrawal of balances,
* internal maneuverability in the user account for make changes of balances per items/products,
* capacity of manage the balances,
* a section with the details of the products purchased by the user (including the date detailed of the purchase: Month day, year/hour:minute:second)
* use of a own and specific privacy policy
* Advancing much for that you can enjoy them and check their particularities.,,,,,,, and

* Example of results: ...

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

Included in the privacy policy of the group of websites:

Point 1. FILING:
El volumen de cuentas de los miembros (impulsores del proyecto) del foro podrá ser transformado en cuentas de usuario de los websites del grupo mediante la compra de paquetes de datos (de acuerdo con el punto 27 de esta política de privacidad) para que las cuentas que los usuarios compradores de datos creen formen parte de su downline (referidos). Los paquetes de datos y las instrucciones de uso están disponibles en la sección Crazy-specials. Los miembros del foro serán avisados por email con respecto a la puesta en marcha de los websites del grupo y de la posibilidad de la compra de los paquetes de datos para que su cuenta incluya downline (referidos). Posteriormente a la fase inicial de creación de las cuentas de usuario la creación de cuentas no será gratuita y por lo tanto los websites del grupo cobrarán por el uso de su software.

Point 17. ADS PRIVACY:
Desde el momento en el que las cuentas de usuario sean creadas a través de un pago previo y por lo tanto los websites del grupo cobren por el uso de su software: el uso de los ads credits solamente podrá ser realizado después de haber verificado una cuenta de procesador de pagos, de esta manera el grupo de websites y foros contarán con datos identificativos del usuario con respecto al cumplimiento del functioning (información, indicaciones y reglas de uso) de las secciones y de los documentos del grupo de websites y foros. La sección Join/Register de los websites del grupo informará detalladamente al respecto y los miembros del foro serán informados a través de email.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

July 29, 2017: About the integration of the project (original text, in Spanish). Privacy policy Point 22. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT, SECTION POLLS, CONCEPT BIG DATA AND PROTECTION OF CONSUMERS AND USERS: Reading possible in the register section of this forum (below part), revised on July 31.
July 21, 2017: For to avoid confusions: added in the point 25 of the privacy policy the phrase (in spanish, original text): Dentro del grupo de websites el concepto transferencia interna (internal transfer) contiene el resto de las posibilidades de uso del saldo de la cuenta de usuario, que proporciona el software de los websites. Included the concept Know-how in the point 24 of the privacy policy: Copyrights (©) & brand safety concept.

July 20, 2017: Included in the point 21, in the paragraph of the right of Opposition, the point 27 of the privacy policy.

July 6, 2017: Fortunately already exist legislations and normatives that must be applied to the websites: the websites of the group and their documents are being adapted to these regulations. Is convenient that since now the only be used for the register in the project.

July 3, 2017: Hi, this last weekend existed a small problem in the host of but already is solved (gaining trust in this type of issue and advancing).

May 27, 2017: It seem that the number of registers has dropped significantly. Hi, this is the temporary situation of the project:

Currently the improves are being tested, is possible commented as examples:
- functioning of the websites: very good
- satisfaction of use: high
- overall rating: robust
- conditions of use of the shop zone: very good
- processing of purchases: very good.
Here is when this question is made: Then, when the opened of the websites?
for that the group of websites be opened (his reason of being, ultimate goal, is to be the professional or business activity of the admin) are needed two things mainly (already i am doing those improves):
- that the privacy policy be finished together with the improves in the websites that the privacy policy requires
- that the orders generated with the use of the section point store and the requests of the internal transfers (between the accounts of the same user in the websites of the group that use the same currency) be executed without that be needed that the statistics of user account be manipulated by a person. This i already was got and will appear included in the functioning of the different sections of the websites (information, indications and rules of use).
Once the websites of the group include this is when they will have a high value of security and competitiveness so that the loading phase of the databases of the websites can be realized.

             ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

April 24, 2017:
* Revised the issue of the packages of data for make Joins and information about it: The first members of this forum that will receive the links for make their Join in the websites of the group will be the members with accounts not actives.
The websites that will be availables, exclusively for this, will be, and (in they only is possible to request Cashout from the same country in where the register/join of the user account was made, this is detected by the software of the website when Cashout requests are processed, when the user tries to Cashout from another country: the website generates a notice indicating to the user that must contact with the admin to clarify the reason of that request).
Later these users will can make the Join of the rest of members of this forum (in, and buying packages that will provide the username and email of members that will be part of their downline once they activate their user account through the link that they will receive for this. Approximate minimum investment: 25$. Keep in mind that the members of this forum will can be user in all websites of the group but only will make purchases according the destination of the sales of the websites. This will be taken into account when the prices will be fixed.
The data not will can be used with other objective ... will exist rules of use.

* Destination of the sales of the websites of the group:
- Users of third countries (that not belong to the European Union): ($), ($), (GBP: £), (GBP: £) 0% of Vat
- Users of countries of the European Union (except Spain) who are professionals or companies: (€) 0% of Vat
- Users of countries of the European Union that not are companies or professionals: (€) 21% of Vat
-, still not decided
- not improved

* Point 27 of the privacy policy (in Spanish, original text):
En el caso de que sea necesaria la realización de tareas por parte de los miembros/usuarios o encargar servicios a terceras partes: los datos que se facilitarán serán únicamente los imprescindibles para la realización de la tarea o servicio. En el caso de los miembros/usuarios las tareas se realizarán de acuerdo a las instrucciones/normas internas para su realización y en el caso de la externalización de servicios solo podrán optar a su realización aquellas personas o entidades que acepten cumplir medidas indemnizatorias (según el caso: al propietario del website/s, a los usuarios del website/s o a ambos) por incumplimiento del contrato mediante el cual el website/s encargue los servicios externos, también deberán aceptar responsabilidades por los daños que se pudieran producir en los websites y por la obtención de beneficios ajenos a los websites a través de el/los contrato/s existente/s entre las partes, si tales circunstancias se produjeran.

Writing the privacy policy ... also includes the option Welcome pack membership.
... and up to here was possible comment.

                                                           ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

Important: the proposed made on January 09, 2017 not is possible, the Targeting (ads destinations) of the user accounts will works per countries.

April 07, 2017: Part of the point 24 of the privacy policy (in Spanish original text), revised on April 10:
Los websites del grupo ( defienden el concepto de seguridad de marca y en consecuencia optan por no permitir:
- la colocación de anuncios con contenido xenófobo o que hagan apología del terrorismo
- el uso de los websites con la finalidad de propagar dichos contenidos
- la distribución (reenvío ...), copia o alteración de los correos electrónicos, notificaciones y mensajes instantáneos privados internos que los usuarios reciban procedentes de los websites del grupo o en su interior.
Además aquellos usuarios que avisen al admin del website a través de los botones Support/Contact (Subject: Brand safety) o Report (Reason: Brand safety) con respecto a la existencia de anuncios o usos cuya finalidad es la propagación de conductas o contenidos xenófobos o que hagan apología del terrorismo serán recompensados con 0.10 unidades monetarias del website en cuestión por cada anuncio o cuenta de usuario eliminados (el ingreso de la recompensa será realizado de manera que genere la anotación correspondiente en la actividad de la cuenta del usuario recompensado).
 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

March 24, 2017: Sales destination of each websites of the group: the organization of the websites according with the existing destinations for their sales is an issue that advances per good way and (GBP), destined to users of third countries: that not belong to the European Union, also will provide to their user the welcome pack membership with the initial price.

  Although still missing time for that all current tasks be ended is IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW THAT:
The first members of this forum that will receive the links for make their Join in the websites of the group will be the members with accounts not actives. The websites that will be availables, exclusively for this, will be, and Later this users will can make the Join of the rest of members of this forum, for that they receive the links of activation of their user accounts, buying packages that will provide the data of members that will be part of their downline (approximate minimum investment: 25$). This packages only will provide the necessary data for make this task and not will can be used with other objective.
In this way the group of websites will can have money for begin his activity and the members that choose this initial option already will have referrals for get earnings in their user accounts.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

March 21, 2017: Part of the point 26 of the privacy policy (in Spanish original text), revised on March 22:

Con respecto a las comunicaciones internas esta política de privacidad deja claro que:
Las comunicaciones non se realizan ni almacenan de manera cifrada.
Cuando usted utiliza los websites del grupo y sus foros es conocedor y por lo tanto acepta y consiente la existencia de la posibilidad de que de que sus comunicaciones personales puedan llegar a ser intervenidas por parte de los estados cuya legislación incluya este tipo de obligación de consentimiento sin que los websites del grupo puedan oponerse a ello. Este tipo de acción es llevada a cabo de manera ajena a los websites ya que los websites del grupo cuentan con las medidas de protección contra hackers ... que usted puede leer en la sección home de el o los websites en donde sea usuario. Los websites del grupo están alojados en una cuenta de hosting norteamericana y cada uno de ellos registra los datos de acceso a las cuentas de usuario y su actividad mediante el ip desde el que el usuario accede. El uso de los centros de mensajes privados internos y foros genera información que posibilita la identificación del usuario que genera actividad en el mismo.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

March 8, 2017: The memberships section already has been improved also. Regarding the credits: The big number of registers in the project motivate that now the launching memberships include various benefits more: tickets for the contests section, a weekly bonus of featured ad credits and a monthly bonus of banner credits.

March 6, 2017: Is important that you know that: The websites and their forums not make any type of transformation in the communications that send and neither in the messages that can be send with their software for transform them in encrypted message, therefore the websites of the group and their forums complies with the laws in force. The websites and their forums will be encrypted by SSL certificated or similar protection.
Improves: process through which the sections and pages of the websites of the group will include the information and elements necessary so that when the users use them they obtain a high level of satisfaction.

February 18, 2017:Some more information:
Another of the objectives of the optimization of the websites of the group is the elimination of the doubts that, apparently, could arise with respect to the possibilities of that the websites could be damaged through the user accounts and to hypothetical detours to other servers that supposedly would work in background.
As for the facet of promoter: currently has no place in the project, a communication protocol is being developed to replace it.
The privacy policy and the functioning of the websites also advances satisfactorily with respect to the needs and concerns that exist today.

January 04, 2017:
Included in the panel of the user account:
* Account navigation: each section works independently and some are related to each other.
* In the texts included in the software of this website, in the emails/notifications ... that in this website are originated exist small misspelling (his instead of its, per example), some phrases include a personal pronoun instead a impersonal pronoun, also can exist some error in a verbal tense or small similar errors. Although the context or the meaning of the phrase not varies thinks that you must know it (Victor Alvarez wrote the texts during the improvement of this website).
Inform to: admin (through of the Internal messaging center: instant message) regarding the existence and location of the spelling mistake will be rewarded with 200 credits of Featured Banner Ad: Rotation Views (230x200px).

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

January 09, 2017:
Targeting of the user accounts (Country/Location of user): Users who request it will be able to customize the targeting of their user account. It will be free for premium users and will be made through the purchase of a Crazy-special in the case of standard users.
For that a location of users (ads destination) appears in the Country List/Locations,  to which the ads can be directed (skew of targetings), must will have more than 100 users.
This is important when the advertisers want that their website positioning tasks, etc. to be done by users of the same location, when the advertisers only want to direct their ads/advertising to certain locations ...

If you already are registered in this project but want receive the new activate email (contain a foretaste of the document Terms: Funct. & P.policy, is interesting that you read it) can delete your account and open other; in this case not is neccesary that you activate your new account and so, when the websites be opened, you will receive an the email that will include the links for make the Join/s.

                                                            ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of websites (

December 23, 2016: The project is already in the phase of review of the functioning and the interlacing of some of the sections of the websites, although just as in the previous phases is necessary a lot of time for that the websites have a good final finish, these tasks advance correctly.

December 09, 2016: For to avoid rumors: this project only belongs to Victor Alvarez (current small novelties in the below part of the register agreement).

November 30, 2016: Included in the websites of the group:
The documents of the group (privacy policy, rules of use, ... ) and the functioning (indications of use in the different sections) are definitives and only are susceptible of to include changes for to be improved, when an error is detected or when exist a necessity (novelties).

November 18, 2016: Next step: the tax issue motivates that be restructured the initial idea of the welcome pack, the memberships ... (the solution will be included in the emails that will be send to the members already registered in the project, already exists a solution but still are pending of be ended various things previous). Between and not is possible that exist internal transfers by the destination of the sales of this websites.

November 14, 2016: The fiscal adaptation of the project is possible and satisfactory. The emails that the members already registered in the project will receive (as notice of the completion of the current phase ...) will include information that will indicate, to those who wish to make purchases: which web of the group to choose regarding the location and taxes of the user (examples: The purchases made in not include consumption tax (VAT) because the website is destined to make sales to users buyers members of the European Union (not Spanish) who are professionals or companies,
-The purchases made in not include consumption tax (VAT) because the website is destined to make sales to users buyers of third countries (that not belong to the European Union); each website has his destine of sales).

November 7, 2016: The problems were solved and thus will be the hybrid option of the group, the complement of regarding to the internal transfers will be in this two websites the cashout will be made through a membership.
November 3, 2016: Problems solved (were little problems) in will use the sterling pound (GBP) as currency and will have availables internal transfers between his user accounts and the user accounts of
October 26, 2016:
-Recently i had a problem in that will be replaced by as hybrid option. Will use as currency the Euro (Zone Offi-services in construction) and so will have availables internal transfers between his user accounts and the user accounts of
-The website that will use the British pound (GBP) is that includes in the panel of user the option: add funds (purchase balance), also contain the Shopping zone. and (Shop zone of the group of users) also include the option Add funds (purchase balance) and their users also will have availables internal transfers between their user accounts. The currency will be the dollar.
-The prices and rewards, in the websites of the group, will be calculated independently after of the tasks performed by the admin and the results obtained.

August 1, 2016: The project (only it belongs to the admin) is in his last phase: functionality, legal adaptation and study/choice of its legal form. The improves of the websites are being finished and the result is very good. The database continues to expand and the number of records awaiting links with which to perform the join in the websites will mark the starting point of prices and rewards (in all cases the prices, that figure in the agreement of register, will exist in one website of the group, as minimum, during a reasonable time for that the Join can be made in the website/s since the day in that the project members receive the email with the links for make it. After of that time: the prices will be updated to the current market price: prices and rewards). The conditions of use of the Shop zone ( have been revised after of talk (few days ago) with the department of customs taxes in a city with a important port and the admin has checked that are very complete and competitive considering the casuistry that already exists in that type of sales. This project has antimalware protection. The current Shopping zone of is inspired in msn. If you already are registered in this project but want receive the new activate email (contain a foretaste of the document Terms: Funct. & P.policy, is interesting that you read it) can delete your account and open other; in this case not is necessary that you activate your new account and so, when the websites be opened, you will receive an the email that will include the links for make the Join/s.
February 13, 2016: New home site in, and (best functioning=new home in the sites).
I have finally found a way to make more functional the Shopping zone in (the previous idea was somewhat quondam)
February 10, 2016: The register of the project has been updated, if some member wants delete his account can do it through his profile.
All the tasks that the admin is doing motivates that the prices will have a increase.
February 8, 2016: The sites are being equipped and the document: Functioning/terms of use & privacy policy group of sites ( ... are being created, as you already know this documents are being written in Spanish and they have validity vs any type of translation.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of sites (
January 25, 2016:
-The results of the positioning test, made by the admin within of the build of the welcome pack, have exceeded the initial expectations.
-The Shop zone and the Shopping zone was updated (within of his Copyright) with respect to the initial topics.
-Currently already are repaired (including this forum):,, and (the development phase of the zones and the testing task resulted a little devastating) and our sites continue being improved by the admin and ayman.
-Now the admin will finish the document: group of sites ( Functioning/terms of use & Privacy policy. Will be displayed in Spanish that is the original version of the document and his meaning will prevail (when exists discrepancies or misunderstandings) over all translations that can be made of it, the sites include the translator.
This document began with the document that members accept when they make registration as member of this project in and that they will accept again (I accept the terms of service), with all their updates and the functioning of our sites, doing the join in each site when be open and so get be users, within of this document.
The admin, initially, thought that would be possible send directly the members of to the sites of the group of sites (, as a simultaneus registrer or similar, but this still not is posible and make the join task in our sites will provide (real money) in the account of each user, in the style of ptsu. (You must know that only the premium users can request cashout).
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of sites (

Your admin,

Víctor Álvarez.

The document: Privacy policy/Functioning(terms of use) of the group of sites, is being completed. Also includes the unique conditions of the zones of the sites that will be operatives initially ... a lot of tasks (still is needed some time), while the sites are being upgraded and equiped (this forum already was upgraded and the messages section is being repaired).
December 11, 2015: About our prices. Merry christmas and happy new year to all and remind that this project still don't began but a lot of people: already we are enjoying it.
December 10, 2015: Shopping zone conditions updated (shortly included in the site).
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Shopping, advertising & traffic website:

December 4, 2015: Skrill will be incorporated as payment processor.
Remember that in 2016 the member JOIN of this group of SITES will be available and that this besides of make possible that the member can purchase his welcome pack, etc, the number of member join made will do possible that the admin have a bigest power in the negotiations that he can make with respect to the prices for the Shop zone, etc (products, shipments ...): more JOIN members MADE equal to BEST PRICES.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of sites (

Gradually the sites are being structured correctly.



NOVEMBER 30, 2015: The Functioning/terms of use and the Shop zone conditions already was revised and shortly will be included the updates in the site.
Next: Revision of the group of sites ( privacy policy and of the Shopping zone conditions (updates needed per reasons of functionality).
-You can create your banner in: , ... in our sites exist the posibility of have stored your banners.
-Who have a website can study as can use google analytics because is a perfect complement to our type of ads.
With respect to the graphics that be created in google analytics about the navigation of websites and his conversion funnels, etc the welcome pack users will can use a more simple option with the topics and Shopping zone because his use is a lot of more direct with respect to the procurance of objectives. Also is important that you knows that in google analytics are used appellations differents with respect, for example, to the hits that are new users (pursuant to the teacher of the formation day: Cpae), singularly i think that are new visitors.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright group of sites (

NOVEMBER 27: The past day 25, this question was solved and the solution will be included in the Shop zone conditions.
The shipping of the items will be held within the next 24/48 hours at purchase, across a transport company that must ensure delivery in perfect condition.
RETURNS, and later all sites of the group of sites,will retain the amount received until confirm the reception of the items by part of the member through the email: Acceptation of items, number of payment), in the event that the items be returned will deducted from the refund: the amount of the shipping (when is free) and 10$ (management fees). The buyer may only make use of this right of return within of first 14 days since the purchase: SUPPORT TICKET FOR PURCHASE RETURN.

WHEN HERE THE ADMIN SAYS: (when is free) MUST SAY: (in all cases).
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Shop, advertising & traffic website: EGYPT-PTC.INFO.

Follows the evolution of the project in the development forum.
NOVEMBER 14, 2015: The sites already are being repaired. The finishing and functioning that got, so as the results of positioning, have overcome the initial expectatives that the admin had with respect to the development of this project.

During various days of October, 2015 existed the pre-launching memberships in but this period had to be closed per various motives and the SSL certificate don't was renovated because still not is necessary.
Currently the admin's personal situation is changing and is the moment of reshuffle the project for finally achieve that be something real and functionate as company or similar, the sites are being repaired with respect to the damage suffered during the development phase, the admin is improving the sites... and one could say that everything will be reviewed with this end goal (functionate as company or similar). All this makes it impossible to quickly perform all the tasks that requires the implementation of this project.
While all this is done for those that wanting to benefit from the existing solution to the issue of the welcome pack, shortly will be available make the register in the sites: ... (also shortly will be concreted what other sites), so that they can finally get your welcome pack, without fear to that the sites could be closed or exists problems with respect to bad content that could be hung.

It reminds everyone that this is not a group of sites that operate through labor relations with its members or that include political connotations or of social movements: is a group of sites that simply will provide online resources, ... to his members.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of sites (

OCTOBER 28, 2015: SITES: I hope that in approx. 10/15 days,, and are repaired (the development phase of the zones and the testing task resulted a little devastating).

-SOLUTION TO THE AFFAIR OF WELCOME PACK (click here for see it) NEW RECALCULATION November, 03: The rise of the prices that is occurring towards 2016 (cost of the resources, etc) make needed this new recalculation of our prices that i hope becomes final, although this may seem counterproductive is something that adds more value to our welcome pack.
-AFFAIR OF OUR PRICES: These will be our prices (waiting to calculate the final prices, delays per legal affairs)

THIS IS THE LAUNCHING MEMBERSHIP OF EGYPT-PTC.INFO ... New search in : Promoter bike: business & members, Billiards promoter: (example), Webs promoter: Victor Álvarez, Promoter bike: Víctor Álvarez, Bike promoter: victor alvarez,
Promoter billiard: 8 ball (example) home , home
Or clicking in the text

Promoter: The project will continue with his original idea of development.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Shop, advertising & traffic website: EGYPT-PTC.INFO

October 17, 2015: Shop zone functioning OK (normal post), the SSL don't will be renovated while don't be neccesary for the transactions in the site/s. The database is saved correctly.

OCTOBER 15, 2015: FOR AVOID PROBLEMS: PRE-LAUNCHING PERIOD CANCELED AND SPAIN = COUNTRY PROHIBITED. Motives: requeriments of viability unreachables, negligent actuations in various court proceedings, bureaucratic tricks, and problems of coexistence inter alia.

THIS PROJECT CONTINUES BEING DEVELOPED: Shopping zone optimization in (also from, improves in the other sites of the group, developed a special (style crowdfunding) for launching members: functioning Shop zone ...

October 5, 2015: CORRECTED: Ready to be hung on ... Privacy policy (Original spanish text and site with google translator).TRANSLATION OK. FUNCTIONING/TERMS OF USE (Original spanish text and site with google translator). TRANSLATION OK.

New examples of searches in Billiards promoter: (example) , Promoter billiard: 8 ball , Promoter bike , Promoter bike: business & members.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Shop, advertising & traffic website: EGYPT-PTC.INFO

Previous to hanging the terms of use and privacy policy.

Remember that SINCE October 7, 2015 until January 7, 2016 will be AVAILABLE the PRE-LAUNCHING MEMBERSHIPS in EGYPT-PTC.INFO: 15 months of duration (3 of register active: ads points, etc for practices+12 site active fully).
The prices will be: Bronze: 18.68 $, Silver: 36.83 $ and Gold: 54.98 $, this prices included the tax rate and the fee of transaction processor.

September 12, 2015: Initially the Shopping ads of Shopping zone will be sold in Shopping ads will be visible in the Shopping zone of without the visitor need to do the login in the site.

September 11, 2015: The terms of use already include the sections of the privacy policy and the sites may operate independently without depending on the initial outline of the development of the group of site (each with its function).
I think the is definitely saturated (now i need time for finish the sites, the terms...).
ANYWAY, if next January 8, 2016 the sites are not open for not meeting the sale of 2000 pre-launching memberships (bronze) to guarantee its opening, the existance of the rewards, that the topics, avatars ... not be deleted for motives of capacity of hosting account, etc, the database will can be used in the next attempts for open the sites (in case the first site of the group of sites is opened, the database will can be managed).
Silver=2 bronze and Gold=3 bronze pre-launching memberships.
Since the January 8, 2016, this memberships will cost 50% more minimun.

September 8, 2015: The wording of the terms of use going at a good pace, the navigation of the sites is being optimized for make that his use be simple and clear.
Some times the current hosting is saturated because there is a time slot in which processes input exceeds our current resources, not worry because not is necessary have an account in this forum for to purchase the pre-launching memberships, from the next october 7 and until to january 7, 2016 you will can purchase the pre-launching memberships in the own sites: initially will be (is posible that 1 admin not can manage various sites).
[url=](more information)[/url].

Why pre-launching memberships? Main goal of the pre-launching memberships:
-Make posible the configuration of the sites for that their performance be in real money (point store in points).
-Have the segurity that exist the money that each membership generates (7.15$:bronze).
- Provide stability to the sites once they are opened, for also stabilize the value of the topics, positioning, etc that we create without relying of the prices that the competition can be established if our sites not have this stability.
[url=]Example of topic to positioning.[/url]
- The memberships pre-launching will be (depending of the results to get and because could exist a lot of activity in internet): bronze (x1), silver (x2), gold (x3).Also is important that the members know that the FAQ was made during the development of the project and that the initial criteria will be considered.

The accounts in will be created by the admin after that the members purchase his pre-launching memberships, these accounts will be created per order of entry.
Membership: bronze: 1 account, silver: 2 accounts, gold: 3 accounts.
Example Username: abc (first account), abc2 (second account), abc3 (third account).

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From the October 7, 2015 and until January 7, 2016, will be available the purchase of the pre-launching memberships in ... These memberships will be of three types: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The basic membership will be Bronze and will generate as reward 7.15$, the Silver membership will be equal multiplied per 2 and the Gold membership will be equal multiplied per 3.

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News:August 14, 2015:

Free time optimization, provisioning of online resources and cost savings: pre-launching memberships privacy policy + function of the group of sites ( 2015/16: given the results that the admin is obtaining with respect to positioning through the use of the sites in the time testing, Is necessary be clear that the price of the ad packages will increase for several reasons and it is also necessary to make clear that the size of the welcome pack and the results that this will provide can not be considered as unfair competition because it is a way to reward members that have been recorded in the project for to boost his development. It is evident that the price of these memberships pre-launching may seem very low for connoisseurs of the web positioning and their prices and this is why also is necessary say that the main reason for these prices is to provide online resources to all members regardless of their country's per capita income. Are reminded all members that this is not a project with pyramid schemes and that between sites and its members don't exists any employment relationship, it is simply a group of sites that gives online resource to his members and aims to supply products and services to his members through his operation as a group. Primarily it is intended for members who wish to position their websites, make personal brand, communication between members, advertise, optimize their free time... ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © 2015 group of sites (

August 1, 2015:

The admin understand as a site viable, in initial way, a site that offers its members the possibility of having:

- Sufficient credits to position their websites, topics, blogs, etc (the content that each member deems appropriate to carry out its advertising campaign, promotion, personal branding, etc.) obtaining results in searches.

- The ability to create links with content to positioning and that can include text, images, links, detours, etc and even payment gateways.

- Sufficient time for that the task does not subtract time in the daily lives of each member and can thus be part of free time, as first time available. The time that the welcome pack is available should also enable learning to optimize advertising campaigns, positioning, etc. (regardless of prior knowledge of each type of member) and the operation of the entire site and resources It offers.

- Software to create groups of friends, circles, etc.

- Software for private and instantly communication between friends, members, ...

- The possibility of recovering part of the money invested through of the own site.

- Specific zone of differentiation;

at the same time that the site evolves with respect to the host, development his software and finally getting the full function of the group of sites.

To make this possible the welcome pack will be delivered through a low cost annual membership, the pre-launching members will have advantageous conditions.


Function of group of sites.

These are some of the statistics that the project got in 2014:
-Moments with quite activity,
-Hack attacks
-Stadistics of blog deleted by google.

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